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Little Britain

Little Britain is a highly un-PC British sketch comedy show, written and performed by David Walliams and Matt Lucas. We at the PuckPad® discovered it this past December; it airs on (of all channels) BBC Kids (albeit at midnight preceded by a warning).

Among the more popular recurring characters are:

  • Daffyd Thomas, who insists he is the “only gay” in the Welsh village of Llandewi Breffi despite much evidence to the contrary;
  • Marjorie Dawes, leader of a Fat Fighters group who is in denial of her own weight problem, believes dust is a suitable diet food, and treats the members like shit (especially poor Pat);
  • Lou and Andy: Andy pretends to be wheelchair-bound, pulling the wool over the eyes of his selfless caregiver Andy;
  • Carol Beer, a listless bank employee and later travel agent who always insists that her “computer says no” before coughing on her clients;
  • Bubbles DeVere, morbidly obese (and often naked) permanent resident of the Hill Grange Health Spa;
  • Vicky Pollard, a juvenile delinquent in a pink Kappa jacket with a thick Bristol accent who always begins with “Yer, but, no, but…”;
  • Sebastian Love, gay and infatuated assistant to Prime Minister Michael.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it satire, though; rather, many of the sketches are absurdist, and for me, the laughs come mainly from the sheer audacity of the characters and their situations. It’s like, “Holy shit, how can they do/say that?” The brilliance is that the humour is able to cut through and demolish our internal PC censors, reaching that visceral and hidden part of us that just wants to laugh out loud while covering our mouths in pleasant mock horror.

To wit: Marjorie Dawes learns that Fat Pat is pregnant.

More to come…


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Introducing Puck’s Prattle

I’ve decided to join the blogosphere. (Oh, how I hate such terms.) I’m always musing and ruminating, and for the sake of my sanity, I need to start writing it down. I know things will be slow going at first in terms of readership, but I’m sure a few well-placed shout-outs will lure some suckers readers.

Here you’ll find:

  • Observations and casual essays on pop culture and human behaviour.
  • Occasional excerpts from my academic papers.
  • A lot of YouTube clips; I’m enthralled by the idea that I can find just about anything there and can relive just about any era of my life. Once I set up my webcam I might even start some video blogging.
  • Rants and raves. (You knew that was coming.) How can I not?
  • Random amusing stuff.

Here you will not find:

  • Politics. It’s not that I’m apathetic or ill-informed. It’s because I don’t feel like getting into debates. I have neither the time nor the patience.
  • Delicate personal stuff. I have a friends-only LiveJournal for that, and don’t want to broadcast sensitive aspects of my life to the world.
  • Advice.

That being said, I hope to stack this blog quickly. I have a lot of LiveJournal posts that would be suitable here, and I’m always finding new stuff on YouTube that I like to share and comment on.

Be nice. Be fair. Be real. Don’t piss me off. I’m looking forward to this.


Peter (aka Puck)

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