This stuff must have been excellent

February 3, 2007 at 12:41 pm Leave a comment

Speed to get you going, but carefully mixed with a tranq to smooth out the ride.

A barbiturate can also be administered with a centrally active sympathominetic amine such as dextro-amphetamine for the salutary effect of the combination on mood, anxiety, and tension.

Why is this woman tired?

…maybe either of those two reasons, or maybe because she lives with a bunch of pigs who leave piles of dirty dishes for her and generally treat her like shit. Personally I think if her doctor were to switch her to Dexamyl®, she would get the added benefit of amobarbital, and not give a fuck about her family. (Check out those excellent slanted cupboards, though.)

And no woman should go through the change of life without adequate “daytime sedation.”

[Mabel] just can’t help being impatient and exasperating—it’s “that time” in her life.

To see her through the menopause, there’s gentle “daytime sedation” in tranquilizing—


Let’s do a quick close reading here. I can see how Mabel would be “impatient,” what with all the hot flashes and night sweats disrupting her day. But she’s also “exasperating”—to whom? Her husband, no doubt. He’s livid that he has to get up from his comfy chair to make his own Manhattan because old Mabel is indisposed. And who’s going to rub his feet and pack his pipe?

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Nowadays it’s all about neurotransmitter regulation and shit. Back then, if you had a gripe, they just threw speed and/or downers at you.

More at Deco Dog’s Ephemera.


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