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Maraka: your search terms

It seems my embed post of the SNL TV Funhouse “Maraka” short is the most popular “destination” post since the Bride Wigout thing back in January. Check out just some of the search terms that are bringing people to it:

maraka tv funhouse
maraka snl
funhouse if mittens
maraka if mittens
TV Funhouse Maraka “free will”
snl freewill
maraka and mittens
u tube maraka saturday night live
if mittens saved baby
dora spoof Utube
dora the explorer spoof saturday night l
mittens really have free will maraka
if mittens chose to save a baby penguin
if mittens saved penguin beliefs free wi
“if mittens chose to save baby penguin”
if mittens chose to save baby penguin be
and mittens beliefs are not in his direc
“does mittens” “have free will”
does mittens have free will
“does mittens really have free will?”
do you know why my father left me maraka
mittens maraka “free will”

That’s just a fraction of them. Anyway, a guaranteed way to bring traffic to your blog is to embed or link to a recent SNL sketch. The same thing happened with my post of Drew Barrymore’s 80s workout, from early February.


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It’s in the trees! It’s coming!

PuckTube drops Wednesday…

March 26, 2007 at 11:05 am 2 comments


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SNL TV Funhouse: Maraka

From last’s night’s Saturday Night Live, a surreal spoof of Dora the Explorer.

Do you know why my father left me?

If Mittens chose to save Baby Penguin based on his beliefs, and Mittens’ beliefs are not in his direct control, does Mittens really have free will?

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Log on, tune in, wig out!


Watch for it!

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Don’t cry for Sanjaya… oh, what the hell, go nuts

Mother of God, how did this drip make it to the top ten? He’s beyond sucking. He’s evil. His… hair! What’s more wrong than his coif itself is that apparently women are requesting it in salons, like they did with the “Rachel” in the mid-90s. (I heard that on Access Hollywood or something.)Something surreal happened on last night’s American Idol. It was British Invasion night, and—how à propos—there was an uncontrollably shrieking and sobbing girl in the audience. It was Beatlemania all over again. Is that meta or what?

girl1.jpgBut she wasn’t ga-ga over Blake “Beatbox” Lewis or that JT wannabe Chris Richardson, or even tubster Jack Osbourne Chris Sligh. No, she was disintegrating for Sanjaya Malakar, who was murdering the Kinks classic, “You Really Got Me.”

Her identity has been revealed: she’s 13-year-old Ashley Ferl. Now, my problem isn’t with her. I’m sure she was just really caught up in the excitement of attending a live broadcast of Idol. My problem is with the show’s producers if they think that the PoMo-ness of it all is above the heads of the entire AI audience. Because I got your joke, man, I got your joke.

Here’s the entire debacle.

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Minutiaeroll, Vol. 1 no. 4

  • YEAH! The university decided to recognize my academic excellence with a bursary. It’s nothing huge, but a nice chunk of change nonetheless.
  • …and I bought myself a present: a new webcam. I’ve spent the past couple of hours fooling around with it. It’s pretty good, but what’s really bugging me is that the low light filter causes significant A/V lag when turned on. I adjusted the other levels so that I look pretty good. Expect some amusing videos soon.
  • I made it back to the gym this past weekend. I’m surprised I wasn’t sore from having gone three days in a row after two weeks off.
  • Ian Ziering is pure evil, as is Sanjaya Malakar.
  • School is about to heat up in a big way. Two essays and two term papers (basically bigger essays), then two exams. It’s all coming in twos.
  • Not controlled by time, future lovers shine in a world that’s free, for eternity.
  • Something good had better happen on Lost tonight. Last week was pretty cool, what I’d call “old-school Lost,” when you find out a whole bunch of new stuff, or it’s at least a bit suspenseful.
  • Yesterday I was passing through the Pepsi Forum and “Vogue” was playing over the PA. It was just getting to that crucial first chorus, so I stopped, and did the classic 1990 Blonde Ambition moves. Here’s an approximation:

    Tee hee.

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