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March 18, 2007 at 2:00 pm Leave a comment

After the hilarity of my first post on the often bizarre search terms that bring people to Prattle, I’ve decided to start compiling the most amusing ones to post in a regular digest.

I’d like to point something out. Notice the entries in bold. What do they have in common?

dancing in million lights
Little Britain is shit
Updates Jorja Fox Contract 2007
entertainment and leisure in the 1970s
pc stuck in bios
lounge “la la lala”
valium21 lyrics
Pink kappa jackets
hidden frames in “the departed”
why is my new processor running slower t
shoot a puck a mile – meaning
gay baths
louise lombard in porn
sexy pucks
jorja fox fakes
feeling nauseous 1 month after stopping
andy richter smoking
beer puck
“kerry butler” smoking
marg helgenberger’s tits
pc “shut off the beep”
jorja fox singing
white synthesizer
florence henderson fucking
sensual life
jorja fox nauseous
strange feelings in chest and back after

It seems the female CSIs and Carol Brady are fodder for many a fap-fap-fap in front of the monitor. Sorry to disappoint, fellas.

Oh, and to the person whose PC is stuck in BIOS: I suppose I’m too late, but have you tried setting the boot order to CD-ROM first and rebooting with the Windows CD in the drive? That should launch a repair console.


Entry filed under: blogs, humor, minutiae, silly.

Little Britain: Maggie Blackamore, the projectile-vomiting bigot Minutiaeroll, Vol. 1 no. 4

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