Minutiaeroll, Vol. 1 no. 4

March 21, 2007 at 7:02 pm Leave a comment

  • YEAH! The university decided to recognize my academic excellence with a bursary. It’s nothing huge, but a nice chunk of change nonetheless.
  • …and I bought myself a present: a new webcam. I’ve spent the past couple of hours fooling around with it. It’s pretty good, but what’s really bugging me is that the low light filter causes significant A/V lag when turned on. I adjusted the other levels so that I look pretty good. Expect some amusing videos soon.
  • I made it back to the gym this past weekend. I’m surprised I wasn’t sore from having gone three days in a row after two weeks off.
  • Ian Ziering is pure evil, as is Sanjaya Malakar.
  • School is about to heat up in a big way. Two essays and two term papers (basically bigger essays), then two exams. It’s all coming in twos.
  • Not controlled by time, future lovers shine in a world that’s free, for eternity.
  • Something good had better happen on Lost tonight. Last week was pretty cool, what I’d call “old-school Lost,” when you find out a whole bunch of new stuff, or it’s at least a bit suspenseful.
  • Yesterday I was passing through the Pepsi Forum and “Vogue” was playing over the PA. It was just getting to that crucial first chorus, so I stopped, and did the classic 1990 Blonde Ambition moves. Here’s an approximation:

    Tee hee.

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