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PuckTube Episode Two: the teaser trailer

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Alexyss Tylor Jackrabbit Remix

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The Brady Kids

I’m going to do some more Brady Bunch shit, if only because my Brady Bunch Hour post from early February still brings me a significant amount of traffic. I’m not even a Brady Bunch fan, really. I just enjoy the gaudiness of it all.

From 1972 to 1974, while the original Brady Bunch was still on the air, there was a Brady Kids cartoon. A really badly-animated cartoon; think The Archies. The Brady Kids go on various adventures with two pandas named Ping and Pong (because pandas are always named Ping and Pong), a dog named Mop Top, and a magical bird named Marlon.

The opening is pretty trippy. Damn, the Brady franchise got a lot of use out of what’s since been named the “Brady Grid”.

Let me point out something in the lyrics. The boys sing, “then there’s Jan the middle one who’s really groovy.” Come on, they didn’t think Jan was groovy; they all dumped on her.

In the next sequence, the Brady Kids get more mileage of of their song “Time To Change,” which was first used in a regular series episode in which Peter’s voice changed. There’s a subtext to this song, of course: it’s about pubes and periods, and we all know it.

Watch closely how Greg plays the guitar. Why do early 70s animated characters strum guitars with open palms? Archie and company did this too. It seems to me that would create no sound.

Check out this group shot:


Cindy Brady is playing what, exactly? A ukelele? I can accept Bobby on drums, but Cindy was a pretty dense kid, and she, not Marcia, should have been stuck on the lame-o tambourine and triangle, like Tracy Partridge before her.

I have to say, though, Jan’s looking pretty hot working the damper pedal on her Rhodes piano in that mini-skirt.

But wait a second, what’s going on here?


That’s really creepy. Time to change… the channel.

Next time: the Bradys tackle drama in the 80s.

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PE-nus power, vir-GINA power

Adult content warning!

Must be seen to be believed. No, really, watch this. Just watch it. You have to watch this. I’m serious. Put some pillows or a mat on the floor, because you’ll be rolling on it within seconds.

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Movies No One Should See: my debut

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve joined the blog Movies No One Should See as a contributor. I’ll be doing movie reviews in much the same snarky style you’ve come to love on Puck’s Prattle, albeit a bit tempered for a much wider audience. I might also develop a column of sorts in which I write about TV or retro commercials or something like that. As well, the new season of Big Brother starts in July and I might be able to convince Robby, the blog owner, to let me do recaps and expert analysis.

In any case, my first review is of the Emilio Estevez wannabe-epic Bobby. Enjoy!

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Life does indeed imitate art

I’m caught up in a postmodern hall of mirrors. Yesterday I made and posted my Farewell, Sanjaya tribute video. First of all, it’s quite clearly a joke, what with “You have two of fifteen minutes left” and “this is a joke, people” at the end. Still, it garners comments from people who just don’t get it:

wtf are you high? what sort of damn song is that? how many shots are there of the little girl. i am truly confused what that video was even for. appalled.

What sort of damn song? It’s only “Seasons in the Sun,” the most irritatingly maudlin song ever recorded. And then I get:

lol, u made it luk like he’s dead or sumthin. iz jus american idol, chill…he’ll mov on, n so will america.

Thanks for clarifying. I thought they took contestants out onto the Fox lot and shot them. (I guess it was just Antonella they did that to.)

Astonishing. But even more incredible is this:

In the first episode of PuckTube (which makes fun of itself as well as of other vlogs/vodcasts, duh!) I feature a letter from “amber h.” in Raleigh, North Carolina, in which she calls me on the carpet for having made fun of Sanjaya Malakar:

Puck u r such a fuckin loosebag,,,
how dare u insult Sanjayah like that,
he is 1 of the best singers evar on
amercan idol + ne1 can see that.
plus, he has nice hair. just wait,
ul see sanajaya will win!!!1!
I ❤ sanjaya 4ever!!!!

amber h.
raleigh NC

p.s. what is PoMo, is that like a
hair product?

Now, compare this to actual comments on my Sanjaya tribute video, from a YouTube user named tthatsrightt. I really am not making these up:

***poor sanjaya he will be misst.
he was juged verrrry unfairly and biest,cus thr only used to a lowd african or uro ,anoing voises that give u a head ake,,,if san jaya looks african or uro,,,not asian or hispanic,,,then things wud have been alot difrent,,he would have been compared to miclejakson,,Not racialy rejected.
**he has the best voice of the guys,,,he deserved first or second place.

****DONT tell Ryan-Secrest…to Shut Up. (he was right).
**Simon and his Dog rannndy,with his (yo and dog) thats all he knows how to say. they,,,Need to replacet. INUFF. there biest,only used to the lowd voice.
Ryan “is” the show.
**the show needs real,,,juges,,,like tony benet, jenifer lopez,dianaross,mark anthony,ext,,
**we respect ,,,tony benet , and jeniffer lopez , and diana ross’ ,,,openions on sanjaya.
Not …Yours and ur yodog rannndy.
**U both ,,,Need to be replacet.

***sanjayas, audiltilon was really good,,all those doublestandard moron juges said he was great,, like his evry performence his a fenom a young jackson and better.
**blakees audition sukt he almost didnt make wyning thru his nose and they said he cant sing his spiting is beter,,,same with wyning crisss,, uro tryin to sing african. were sik of the same garbage

***sanjaya sang the song bathwater better then the original,,,amazing.fenominal,he ownes it
he did everysong better then the original,, amazing.
ahed of his time,too good of a singer,for morons to get it at first listen.,,,,continu,,,
**cus some morons r used to a fat africangirl screeming ,or a uroguy trying to sing by wyning thru his nose,tryin to sing like an africanguy.
like blakeee and crisssy ,wyning nasalshit,,,

Just wait, I’ll find out that this “tthatsrightt” character is named Amber H. and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Farewell, Sanjaya: a tribute montage

I managed to put this video together today, through my tears.

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