Minutiaeroll, Vol. 1 no. 5

April 4, 2007 at 7:01 pm Leave a comment

  • I somehow brought Judith Butler’s essay “Performative Acts and Gender Constitution” into a paper on a renaissance play (Jonson’s Volpone) I just finished. Stuff like that makes me feel like some kind of scholar to be taken seriously, though most of the time I just laugh at myself.
  • Is PuckTube a vlog or a vodcast? All of the vlogs I’ve seen on YouTube look like crap—just someone sitting there mumbling. PuckTube has some production values, good editing, and clips from other videos. But vodcasts are supposed to, like, come on a feed or something. I dunno.
  • It’s Elaine Benes Big Salad night at the PuckPad®.

    Elaine being given the Big Salad that George, in fact, paid for. Notice his consternation.
  • The Good Shepherd is out on DVD. I’m looking forward to seeing it. I love all things covert and conspiratorial. That’s why I listen to Coast to Coast AM at night. It’s all about aliens and shit.
  • Everybody’s talking about wanting that and needing this. I’d just like to know if want to learn a different kind of kiss.
  • A bit of an academic reprieve: our AmLit prof gave us an extension until the 24th (!!!), and then another prof gave an extension on his paper. I have quite a bit more breathing room now, given I have two exams for which I have to catch up on reading.
  • I’m seriously considering microdermabrasion. Seriously.
  • Now I’m hoping Sanjaya Malakar stays on American Idol. It’s gotten to be fun.
  • This song will forever remind me of my trip to Vancouver to visit Expo 86, the summer before I started high school.

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The most addictive Flash game ever 30 Rock

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