Minutiaeroll, Vol. 1 no. 6

April 10, 2007 at 11:10 pm Leave a comment

  • I’m trying to decide when to end Volume 1 of Minutiaeroll and start Volume 2.
  • Someone started a group for my high school on Facebook. Suddenly, all at once, I’m in contact with a bunch of old friends. One reminded me of some video project in grade eleven or twelve history class: when I was behind the camera, I’d repeatedly zoom in on this poor girl’s rack, thinking it was funny. Upon viewing it, she ran out of the class in tears, the teacher chasing after her. What an asshole I was. Still, we should all be glad that happened in, like, 1989. Nowadays, something like that would be posted on YouTube and have 300,000 views within a day.
  • I have so much reading to do. I have to blaze through a bunch of renaissance plays over the next two days for an exam on Friday. Crap. But I got a big term paper out of the way today, and it turned out quite well.
  • Look around: everywhere you turn is heartache. It’s everywhere that you go. (Look around.)
  • Get this: Sanjaya Malakar sang very well on tonight’s American Idol. Easily one of the evening’s top four performances. What the fuck, man, the world is upside-down.
  • I’m in desperate need of a haircut, and the grey is growing in, so I must dye.
  • More excellent very early 90s dance music: I present Black Box with “Everybody Everybody.”


Vote Sanjaya!


Entry filed under: 1990s, American Idol, English lit, music, my past, nostalgia, Sanjaya Malakar, school, TV, vanity, YouTube.

Sanjaya Messiah Sanjaya wants you to kiss him a lot

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