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When beauty pageants go bad… real bad…

This little gem has been making the rounds. Stacy Hedger, Miss Douglas County, performs the Star Wars theme—more accurately, a knockoff of the Meco disco version thereof—on the trumpet, along with an interpretive dance. It gives a whole new meaning, on at least two levels, to “Thar she blows!

This is hilarious and horrifying at the same time. It raises some questions that I’d like you to ponder while watching. (I don’t know what’s up with the squished video.)

First, did she think that mediocre trumpet playing + mediocre interpretive dance = acceptable performance? These things aren’t additive. It goes the other way around, honey.

Second, how did this get past her bedroom mirror, let alone the friends and family she tried this out on before the pageant?

Third, what constructive criticism did said friends and family give her, and did she incorporate it? If so, how much worse was this performance before they gave their feedback? “Hey Stacy, I got an idea! Turn the trumpet around and pretend it’s a laser gun!”

Fourth, consider that she’s introduced as Miss Douglas, which means she’s already won some sort of preliminary pageant. How bad must the other contestants have been?

Fifth, how did this get past dress rehearsal?

And finally… how did she do in the end? Because if she was any sort of finalist, I’d pay big bucks for video of the other contestants’ performances in the pageant talent segment.

Points to ponder.


October 14, 2007 at 5:17 pm 2 comments

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